Anyone arriving in a new country needs a little help from local people to find their feet and put them on the right track to success. This is never more true than when the person in question is forced to leave their country and has therefore not had any time to prepare for what to expect in their host country. We believe that being in a different country doesn’t mean your aspirations need to change. Daseinsfreunde ‘s Jump Start accompany 5 newcomers and help them to reach their goals – whether it’s finding a place at university, starting vocational training or finding a job in your field of expertise, and guide them through the process until their dreams have been realized. We hope that once our 5 Jump Start applicants have achieved their goals, they will be able to help other people navigate the often confusing system and eventually create a domino effect of success stories within the refugee community. Are you interested in becoming one of our Jump Start members? Apply here now
Are you interested in becoming a volunteer in our Jump start project? Apply here now

In small teams we work together on a roadmap